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The Last Summer

Echo Lake. I’ve had a few good trips there with family and one memorable trip with a close friend. It was the only summer I had ever taken anyone with me to California, so who better than my best friend, I thought. To this day, we still talk about that summer and that camping trip. Though it was only a three day excursion, that camping trip was a life lesson in disquise.

The only summer I ever took anyone to Echo Lake with me, was also the last summer I believed everything would stay that same forever. People were trust worthy and true to their word. However, I realized over the cousre of that trip, and many years, people change, fun times become and stay memories that will never happen again, and people dont always really mean what they say.

Driving to Echo Lake is probably one of my favorite parts of even going there: listening to my grandpa’s old music, sleeping while driving on the bumpy roads, the beautiful sights we see every summer and seeing how they’ve changed over the past year.

The first day out at camp is always my favorite: waking up early because it’s too bright, too early. The smell of biscuits and gravy, my grandpa’s black coffee, and hot chocolate. Laying out on the lake all day fishing, often falling asleep out there on a raft . Upon waking up, you’d be really warm and ready for a swim. The whole first day is very relaxing; everyone busy doing their own thing.

I dont remember anything specific from that summer camping trip, I do remember the laughing, the story telling before bed, the long warm mornings, and the cold nights. I remember that that was the last summer and maybe even the last time I was such a child; that was the last summer Sammie and I truly believed we would be friends forever, and that nothing would ever change us or how we felt.

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  1. This story gave me chills… I like it though…it’s way better then mine. Your going camping with me this summer…we”re not kids anymore love but we’re still gonna have a lot of fun. I love you to death and your story is really good. I know how yours and sammie’s relationship is by what you’ve told me and it’s just really sad. But im your good friend and this summer will be amazing.
    I love you

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